Burners for drying and airing

Drying and airing applications

In all cases where it is necessary to heat the air for drying applications, in dryers or kilns, we supply air vein burners. For applications that require special applications, we design and build rosette-burners made of refractory material which are able to operate automatically and are capable of electronically controlling all phases of operation.

Textile Industry

We manufacture highly effective industrial air vein burners and rosette burners to maximize the performance of textile drying furnaces. We install, in Italy and abroad, standard or custom burners with single stage (on-off), two-stage min-max or modulating flame. Ideal for all areas of textile fibers processing.

Burners for drying applications

The various techniques for drying a substance require different modes of heating. For this reason, we produce high quality, versatile burners capable of reaching high powers, and which can operate in a wide range of calories/hour. The precision of the gas burner is ensured by the electronically controlled automatic system that monitors and controls all stages.

RS – Rosette ceramiche

Infrared nozzles

RS ceramic nozzles mix are radians burners and this means that heat is transferred by radiation and use air/gas premixtures […]

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