Radiant tube burners

Indirect heating burners

Bruciatori Industriali Santin offers a wide range of indirect heating burners. These  burners are ideals for annealing, tempering,  galvanizing, , hardening, liquid heating, tanks and wash tanks. Radiant tubes burners are available with compact solutions with gas train and command panel.

RTFIRE Burners

Radiant tube applications up to 580 KW

RTFIRE Burners are designed to fire radiant and immersion tubes. RTFIRE can reach 580 KW and can get great performance with efficient heat transfer and more precise and uniform tube temperatures. RTFIRE is a low emissions series and thanks to aluminium and cast iron house RTFIRE offers robust and reliable performance. RTFIRE is available in […]

Burners for industrial applications · Burners for industrial furnaces

Bruciatore pilota PS22

For High temperature applications

Used for a safety start of the main burner. The PS22 can be used like a small independent burner. Suitable to work with gas methane and LPG. The starting and ionization of pilot burner PS22 take place electrically with a single electrode. Recommended pressure: Natural gas / LPG 8 mbar – Air 12 mbar

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