Accessories for industrial burners

Guide tubes, probes and pressure gauges and other accessories

Burner tubes, methane gas stabilizer with filter, temperature thermocouples, ignition electrodes, gas reducers, pression gauge and much more.

Burner tubes

Refractories block for BFN and MX burners. Stainless steel 310S burner tubes for high temperatures.

Gas stabilizers with filters

Methane gas stabilizer with filter inlet pressure Max 1 bar, outlet pressure variable. Gas connection from 1/2 to 2″

Temperature thermocouples

Stainless steel temperature thermocouples type K,J and PT100, standard length 150/300/400/500 mm, we are also able to develop special linear or 90° thermocouples.

Ignition electrodes, flame rods and connector

Ignition electrodes suitable for spark ignition and for flame ionization. Ceramic connector 90 and 180°

Pilot for manual and semi-automatic burners

Brass pilot for manual and semi-automatic burners. Available with 1,2 and 3 flames and flow regulator.

Thermocouple for flame detection

Thermocouple for flame detection, standard length 600, 800, 1200 and 1500 mm available with an extension of 600 mm.

Natural gas / LPG gas reducers

Natural gas / LPG gas reducers for first stage, second stage or single stage.

Pressure gauge

Pressure gauge diameter 63, 1/4” connection, variable range. Also available with gas cock (1/4” connection).

Flexible joint

Stainless steel flexible joints from 1/2” to 2” with gas certificate.


Our post-combustor PC type are studied and developed for coffee roadster machines and with a simple changes, they are suitable for all industrial applications. After a control carried out by competent authorities, we are able to affirm that PC is suitable to remove fumes and dusts. PC can be installed inside or outside and in […]

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