Process measurement and control

Remote control and monitoring devices

Thermoregulators and temperature viewers, PLC with touchscreen, customized control panels, pressure switches, tightness controls and UV sensor for flame detection.

U-Pack Air Valve

100% Compatible with N-BFN burners

Bruciatori Santin has developed a new aluminium air valve 100% compatible with N-BFN model. Thanks to U-Pack air valve you can get N-BFN ultra packaging. You can also use U-pack with threaded flanges for creating your personal system. Aluminium house and stainless steel 304 disc Threaded from DN40 to DN80 Bidirectional Control ratio 10:1


Mechanical Linear Ratio Controller

U-pack air valve connected with VFC and KIT levers, Bruciatori Santin has created MLRC – Mechanical Linear Ratio Controller used for air/gas proportioning control. MLRC is designed to over the wide turndown capabilities of Santin’s burner systems. MLRC is provided with 40 possible valves combination Air valve Threaded from DN40 to DN80 MLRC can be […]

Thermoregulators and temperature viewers

Thermoregulators and temperature viewers for monostage, two-stages, three stages and modulating burners. Main line 24/110/220V 50/60 Hz Output 220V – 4/20mA – 0/10V  

PLC systems

PLC with touchscreen 3.5 / 5.7”, set for two-satges, modulating and three stages combustion systems, temperature I/O, data logger available for downloading, remote access form browser and from smartphone and tablet application.

Pressure switches

Diaphragm pressure switches with micro switch for monitoring gas pressures on industrial installations, for gas and air with hand wheel for switching point adjustment, suitable for use as special-design pressure switches.

Tightness control TC

Tightness controls for checking two safety valves before or after burner run, with adjustable test period (10 to 60 s) for adjustment to different test volumes, leakage rates and inlet pressures, EC type tested and certified.

UV sensors

UV sensor for flame detection: Normal sensibility High sensibility Easy installation

Actuators / Servomotors

Reversible gear motor to transmit rotary movements between 0 and 90°, for actuation of gas and air valves, with voltage-free limit switches, automatic/manual mode switch-over, position feedback and externally readable position indicator. 110-230V, 4-20mA.