High energy-saving burners

Regenerative and Self Recuperative Burners

High energy-saving burners. Thanks to integrated recuperator, they allow to save up to 40% gas fuel.


Self-Recuperative Burners

BFSR is the new self-recuperative burner from Santin Burners. BF-SR for direct and indirect heating, allow to get energy-saving operation thanks to integrated ceramic and metallic heat exchanger. Modular design allows an easy maintenance and installation. BFSR is available in the following versions: Standard versione Low NOx with NoNOx Technology Low NOx flameless Applications: Heat […]

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SIR – Bruciatori Rigenerativi

Bruciatori Rigenerativi

SIR are direct heating burners.  SIR burners work in pairs and they exchange heat through heat exchanger that gets heat during alternate suction. This kind of burners allow to get a consumption reduction compared with tradition burners but also compared with other regenerative burners in market. Indeed, thanks to special internal system SIRaspires hot air from […]

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