Pilots Burners

Pilots burner ideal as main burner igniter and also suitable as single stage small burners

Pilot ZAI

Atmospheric Pilot burner

Atmospheric Pilot burner for LPG and Natural gas Capacity 3 KW

Pilots PS100/200

Pilots burners – variable length –

Pilot burner PS100/200, ideal for ignite main burner safety. Pilots burners PS100 and 200 are also suitable as small independent On/Off burners. Burner sleeve SS – 310S for high temperature applications (up to 1100 °C) with variable sleeve length.* Flame length (approx): PS100 – 4 cm – max 2 KW PS200 – 6 cm – max […]

Bruciatore pilota PS22 Discontinued

For High temperature applications – Low air/gas pressure –

Used for a safety start of the main burner. The PS22 can be used like a small independent burner. Suitable to work with gas methane and LPG. The starting and ionization of pilot burner PS22 take place electrically with a single electrode. Ideal for low air/gas pressures applications. Recommended pressure: Natural gas / LPG 8 mbar […]

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