Pilots Burners

Pilots burner ideal as main burner igniter and also suitable as single stage small burners

Pilots PS100/200

Pilots burners – variable length –

Pilot burner PS100/200, ideal for ignite main burner safety. Pilots burners PS100 and 200 are also suitable as small independent On/Off burners. Burner sleeve SS – 310S for high temperature applications (up to 1100 °C) with variable sleeve length.* Flame length (approx): PS100 – 4 cm – max 2 KW PS200 – 6 cm – max […]

Pilot ZAI

Atmospheric Pilot burner

Atmospheric Pilot burner for LPG and Natural gas Capacity 3 KW

Bruciatore pilota PS22 Discontinued

For High temperature applications – Low air/gas pressure –

Used for a safety start of the main burner. The PS22 can be used like a small independent burner. Suitable to work with gas methane and LPG. The starting and ionization of pilot burner PS22 take place electrically with a single electrode. Ideal for low air/gas pressures applications. Recommended pressure: Natural gas / LPG 8 mbar […]

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