Custom made gas burners

We can customize our products to meet your requirements. Customized burner systems to suit individual needs.

To cover all our customers’ needs, we are able to provide various levels of customization. We personally manufacture and design our systems, which is why we can create custom made natural gas or LPG burners with the technical specifications of spaces or forms required by the customer.


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Burners and custom made services

Different gas inlet positions

When building the system, we can install the natural gas or LPG gas trains in different positions. Typically, there can be up to 5 different configurations where the gas train is mounted horizontally or vertically, to the right, left, or front. We are available to evaluate and arrange the ideal solution directly with the customer.

Possibility of connection with custom gas pipes

We provide clutches for pipes of any size to convey the natural gas or LPG gas, coming directly from the mains or from a reservoir, to the gas train.

Customization of our standard products

Upon request, we can customize all our burners to meet every need of our customers. Our engineers are able to design customized solutions that are efficient and suitable to each application.

Sale of individual components

When it is necessary to replace only part of the gas burner system, we have the possibility to provide and install individual parts such as the burner head, gas train or air train. The vast experience of our skilled technicians help us in choosing the right components for any system.

Installing optional devices

A burner system may be fitted with various accessories or optional devices such as temperature limiters for controlling the temperature, or electronic devices to check all phases of operation of the automatic burners. It is possible to customize the flame detectors by choosing between ionization sensors or photoelectric sensors, or increase the gas safety level and reliability of the system by means of safety valves and pilot burners, or using devices for automatic verification of the purging system, ignition or unexpected extinction of the flame.

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