Gas burners for industrial use

Manufacturing of low-emission burners

Santin Industrial Burners is engaged in the manufacturing and maintenance of natural gas and LPG burners and low-emission burners. Thanks to its team of specialized technicians and over forty years of experience in the business, it is able to offer a high level of reliability.

Our products, which comply with EU standards, have been designed and studied in detail from initial planning to final construction and testing.

In addition to our standard products, we also design and manufacture burners of various sizes and shapes according to customer needs.

Our Company employs technicians for maintenance and testing of the burners throughout the European Union.

Our products are covered by an insurance policy.

Production and servicing

Thanks to our team of expert installers, we provide professional installation, testing and maintenance on any system, of low or high power, whether it is an LPG gas burner or a natural gas burner.

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Sales areas

We export our burners and accessories worldwide.

In addition to our main facility in Italy we are present with offices in the UK, Spain and Iran.

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Wide range of solutions for industries

High technology burners