FB burner

Atmospheric and manual burners

Thanks to our BS (brass spouts) nozzle mix Bruciatori Santin developed small manual custom linear burners called FB.

FB burner is a small burner very versatile and suitable to multiple uses. Particularly it is useful when is necessary warm up big pots or when is required a burner to warm up a tanks.
Thanks to its small and compact size and low power it is particularly suitable to warm up small or big containers when is required a flame from the bottom.

Blaster FB burner is designed to function in air suction and with natural gas / LPG in low pressure. The flame adjustment is made through a manual tap gas setting. It can be equipped with manual tap or with safety valve.


Models and versions

Table with approssimate consumptions of blaster FB burner

Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
FB 12 12.000 (14 KW) 1 1,4
FB 18 18.000 (21 KW) 1,5 2,11
FB 30 30.000 (35 KW) 2,5 3,5


The blaster FB burner is normally used for the following applications:

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