BBA burner series

Atmospheric or premix burners – Custom solutions

Thanks to our BS (brass spouts) nozzle mix we develop custom linear burners according to customer needs.

BBA burner series are can be developed in atmospheric or premix solutions  using one our our MIXER in the catalogue:

BBA-X: Atmospheric with custom shape and capacity

BBA-X-MIX: Premix with custom shape and capacity

The BBA burner is mainly used for roasting machines, to warm up large pots, industrial deep fryers and galvanic processing.
The burner works with methane gas or air suction LPG, manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel on request and available in different measures, in rectangular, square or round shapes.

BBA can be equipped with standard or special mounting plate, brackets and/or supports. This allow to install BBA in new or existing applications.

Compact system

BBA is provided with single, two stage, three stages and modulating versions. On request it can be equipped with a thermoregulator or PLC to control the temperature.

The gas security is controlled by the installation of an electronic device that controls all the different steps for the automatic operation, preventilation, ignition, and detection that can be executed by electrode or photocell. This kind of device is installed on separate cabinet or in a small electrical control panel with the basic functions installed directly on the burner (BBA compact).



Models and versions

General Data for Coffee roaster machine:

Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
BBA-30 50.000 (58 KW) 4,1 5,88
BBA-60 90.000 (104 KW) 7,5 10,58
BBA-120 180.000 (209 KW) 15 21,17
BBA-240 300.000 (348 KW) 25 35,29
BBA per tutte le applicazioni/BBA for any applications:
BBAX For any industrial applications Custom capacity
BBAX-MIX For any industrial applications Custom capacity


The BBA burner series is normally used for the following applications:

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