MX vortex burner

Up to 2325 KW

This burner is no longer in production.

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Thanks to its flexibility, the MX vortex burner can be used in basin and crucible melting furnaces, thermal treatment furnaces, paint drying furnaces, air circulation furnaces, afterburners, forges and incinerators.

For high temperature application (up to 1500°C) is available HV version with refractory block.


Compact System

The MX vortex burner is supplied with single flame, two stage flame or modulating flame versions. On request it can be equipped with a thermoregulator to control the temperature. Air and gas ramps can be arranged horizontally right, left and vertically.

An electronic device controls all the different steps for the automatic operation, for preventilation, ignition, and detection that can be executed by electrode or photocell. This device can be installed on the switchboard (MX) or directly on the burner itself with the help of a sealed gear case (compact MX).




Models and versions

General Data

Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
MX-1 200 200.000 (232 KW) 16,6 23,5
MX-1 400 400.000 (465KW) 33,33 47,05
MX-2 500 500.000 (581 KW) 41,66 58,82
MX-2 800 800.000 (939 KW) 66,66 94,11
MX-3 1200 1.200.000 (1.395 KW) 100 141,17
MX-3 1600 1.600.000 (1.860 KW) 133,33 188,23
MX-3 2000 2.000.000 (2325KW) 166,66 235,29


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