LN – Nido d’ape burner

Atmospheric or with blower – Custom linear burner

The LN NIDO D’APE burner is particularly suitable in the textile sector, specifically in the ribbon processing, where the burner is applied in the cylinder to warm up it and process the textile.

LN NIDO D’APE burner can also used in other heat processing including cleaning metal conveyors.

It is a premix burner designed to works with gas in low pressure and an electro fan or in air suction.

LN are available in standard models shown in the table below or in custom length (up to 4.500 mm). They are also available in stainless steel body.


Compact System

LN can function with single stage flame (ON/OFF) or with modulating flame through a servomotor. It is built custom made according to customer needs.

It is supplied with a configurable control panel applied on the burner or where customer wish.



Models and versions

General Data

Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
NIDO D'APE 500 Potenza variabile / Custom capacity ---- ----
NIDO D'APE 750 Potenza variabile / Custom capacity ---- ----
NIDO D'APE 1000 Potenza variabile / Custom capacity ---- ----
NIDO D'APE 1500 Potenza variabile / Custom capacity ---- ----

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