With blower – Low gas pressure – Suitable for screws industries

The SCALDAFILO burner is mainly used for bolts and screws to warm up the thread before screw processing. 

SCALDAFILO is developed using LN linear burner.

It is available in the one stage version and in the dimensions described in the table below. ** Available bespoke solution with modulating mode 4.20mA **

An electronic device controls all the different steps for the automatic operation, preventilation, ignition and detection.

This device is installed on the cabinet placed below the burner. This burner may be equipped with a box to protect the flame.


SCALDAFILO can be equipped with special cover to protect the flame.


Models and versions

General Data

Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
SCALDAFILO 500 6.000 (7 KW) 0,5 0,71
SCALDAFILO 750 8.000 (9,3 KW) 0,67 0,94
SCALDAFILO 1000 10.000 (11,62 KW) 0,83 1,18
SCALDAFILO 1500 12.000 (14 KW) 1 1,41


The SCALDAFILO burner is normally used for the following applications:


Download technical documents and information pack SCALDAFILO burner.

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