SHE – Santin Heat Exchangers

Indirect Heating

SHE indirect air heating burners are ideal for ovens and dryers where the products of combustion must be isolated from the process airstream.
The system can be equipped with Santin burner and can be personalized with process control devices.

Available solutions:

SHE: Heat exchanger in the insulated duct

SHE/WD: Only heat exchanger without duct


Models and versions

Table with approssimate consumptions for this model

Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
SHE-100 100 kW
SHE-200 200 kW
SHE-300 300 kW
SHE-400 400 kW
SHE-500 500 kW
SHE-600 600 kW
SHE-700 700 kW
SHE-800 800 kW


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