Small burner TR series

Atmospheric or with MIXER – Suitable for RAKU kilns

TR burner belongs to the small burner category available in atmospheric solution or with forced air with MIX100. TR have curved body.

Thanks to its small size and low thermal power they are particularly suitable to warm up small industrial ladle, melting pot and for ceramic processing in RAKU kilns.

TR gas burner may be equipped with basement otherwise thanks to its small size is possible hang it in any area.

TR series burner is designed to works with natural gas / LPG with minimum pressure of 1bar ( high pressure). It may be equipped with a manual tap or safety valve.

TR-MIX series is designed to work with log gas pressure and blower or compressed air.

TR can be supplied  with safety valve and ignition KIT.


Video TR Atmospheric

Video TR- MIX

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