VENA D’ARIA burner

Stainless steel modular burners – Low NOx

The VD air vein burner is used for different applications, and that is for driers, ovens, textiles drying furnaces and others.

VD burners generate a compact a smooth flame with lox NOx emissions. VD is a modular burner developed in 304 and 430 stainless steel.

The modular units can be assembled in many different shapes according to customer needs.


Compact System

The burner is made by stainless steel and can be supplied  with the gas ramp according to the regulations and with its switchboard to control the flame.

It can be operated with single flame, two stage flame or modulating and they work with natural gas or LPG.



Models and versions

General Data

Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
VD1-185 94.600 (110KW) 7,88 11,12
VD2-185 189.200 (220KW) 15,76 22,25
VD3-185 283.800 (330KW) 23,65 33,38
VD4-185 378.400 (440KW) 31,53 44,51
VD5-185 473.000 (550KW) 39,41 55,64
VD6-185 567.600 (660KW) 47,3 67,83
VD7-185 662.200 (770KW) 55,18 77,90
VD8-185 756.800 (880KW) 63,06 89,00
VDX-185 Soluzione speciale su misura --,-- --,--


This model is normally used for the following applications

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