Manufacturing and servicing of gas burners

Manufacturing of custom made and standard burners.

We manufacture and supply custom made and standard industrial gas burners that operate on natural gas or LPG. With over forty years of experience, we are able to build systems ideal toreduce fuel consumption, improve combustion efficiency, and simultaneously reduce emissions.

We pay close attention to details during every step of the construction process, from designing the system, followed by building the burner, until the installation and testing.


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Maintenance, testing and assistance

Maintenance and testing

Thanks to our team of expert installers, we provide professional installation, testing and maintenance on any system, of low or high power, whether it is an LPG gas burner or a natural gas burner.

Certification and guarantee

All Santin industrial gas burners are supplied with a certification and declaration of conformity. All of our products meet EU standards and are guaranteed by law.

After sales and assistance

We employ skilled technicians for testing, maintenance and after sales assistance. We also provide assistance via telephone and Skype.

Insurance policy

All of our systems, natural gas or LPG gas burners, burner heads, gas trains, air trains, and electrical control panels are covered by an insurance policy.

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