Combustion System

Bruciatori Santin developed a combustion system for a cast iron foundry.

The burners are installed in a bogie heart furnace 9000x4500x3000 mm, working out 50 ton.

The burners installed are N-BFN102 HV, high velocity burners able to generate 180 kW/h each, total capacity 2.880 kW

Santin Burners also provided gas trains, compliance to EN746-2, for 3 different zones and modulating valve 4.20mA.

Gas Train with ratio regulator

Main panel controls all the system with a robust PLC 12″ and with safety modules SIL2/3.

Control Panel with PLC ** Santin Burners **

Thanks to precision PID values the diagram shown a perfect line in all the heating treatment. Check here below.

PID Diagram
Burners Flames – N-BFN102 HV