Ventiladores y mezcladores de gas

ventiladores y mezcladores para muchas aplicaciones

Miscelatori per aria comburente o per aria compressa. Disponibili in soluzione compatta con rampa gas/aria y panel de control.


Precision machined from high grade aluminium castings this type of mixer is ideally suited for use with fas assisted or blown air and natural gas or LPG. With a gas supply at zero pressure and the gas flow valve set to the process requirements, this mixer will give constant air/gas ratios over the entire thermal […]

Mixer MIX 100

Low gas pressure and air mixer- MIX 100 is suitable for all our premix combustion head: TC, LN, BBA MIX, BLOS MIX, Rosette Infrared etc Available models: MIX100 A/C Compressed air MIX100 A/V For combustione air

Mixer MIX150

Low gas pressure and air mixer- MIX 150 is suitable for all our premix combustion head: TC, LN Nido d’ape, BBA MIX, BLOS MIX, RS Rosette Infrared etc MIX150 works with Natural gas or LPG low pressure and air at pressure 15/30 mbar. MIX150 is in aluminium and thanks to its design is easy to […]


High, medium and low pressure fans. Compact solution on the burner or with base support. Different orientations.

Blower MIX

Blower with actuator

Bruciatori Santin offers blower mix composed with blower and butterfly valve with levers for a precise air flow regulation. Blower mix is available in standard models with 5 different solutions and with actuator available in the following modes: 230,110,24V and 4-20mA  or 0-10V with feedback Bruciatori Santin can also offer custom solution according to the customer […]