Bifuel burner

We often find us in particular situations and we have to face challenging issues.

On request by an engineering firm, we received an order to develop a special burner able to generate a “carpet flame” (our model BBA series), which works both with methane and biogas.
The BBA burner is customisable in the shape and in the dimensions. Therefore, we were able to realise an awesome burner, able to generate almost 800,000 kcal /h, with a flame distributed over an area of 4×1 m.

The real challenge of this project was to realise a burner that generates the maximum power using methane only for the initial start up and biogas for the standard operation.

Clearly, beyond the applicative features, the economic aspect is extremely interesting. In fact, this method allows to generate a high power using biogas produced by the working process, saving both energy and money.

Indeed, the burner needs methane (and then payment energy) only for the initial start up. Once the temperature is achieved and the biogas is produced, the burner can generate 800.000 Kcal/h with a minimum cost.

The following image shows the working diagram:

UK version

The great satisfaction for the obtained results prompted us to study similar situations in different industrial sectors and applications, always with optimal results.