VENA D’ARIA burner

A very interesting product is the VENA D’ARIA burner, composed of iron steel modules and assembled according to the requested application ad capacity.

The VENA D’ARIA burner can be applied to new plants or adapted to pre-existing plants.

Typically used for air heating, it is also employed in industrial painting booth.

Burner sizing
Burner sizing

Once starting data are supplied by the customer (m3/h air to heat, process temperature and needed temperature), we begin the development of the project starting with the burner’s sizing and then with the construction of the combustion chamber.

The burner is normally supplied with a modulating mode, and it is fed with methane or LPG gas. The management is obtained with a control panel that can be interfaced with a pre-existing painting booth general cabinet.

Example of burners cabinet
Example of burners cabinet

An interesting solution, both from a practical and economical point of view, is the compact version of this burner. Next to the burner, we installed a little electrical box with a flame control device and all necessary devices in the inside. Through the electrical clamps, we feed the burner, which can be connected with a general control cabinet.

The flame modulation is managed by a temperature device or by PLC of the plant that is programmed to reach the temperature needs, and all signals (block, reset, in function, open, close etc) are positioned on the burner or on the general cabinet.

Therefore, the burner is supplied with:

  • Customised combustion head
  • Gas train, built according to the European standards
  • Electrical box (compact mode or with a general cabinet)
  • Combustion chamber project

In our catalogue 2013 many diagrams ad pictures about its functions and applications are represented.

Soon a few cad examples will be posted.