….VENA D’ARIA Burners

Referring to the post “VENA D’ARIA BURNER” of 10/06/2013, I would like to insert some drawings and examples of application.

Esempio camera di combustione







Each module of the VENA D’ARIA burner works in a range between 70 to 130 Kcal/h. The choice of the power of the module varies according to the application and the flame type. Once the number of modules, the working mode ( monostadio, bistadio or modulantig ) and the command mode are defined, it’s very important to focus on the combustion chamber development.

Each combustion chamber is custom-made according to the application and the needs. Our expert technicians carefully evaluate every single aspect of the combustion chamber, in order to get the best performance of the burner.

Really important is the speed passage of the air into the chamber and, especially, it is very important to direct air through the interior custom-made bulkheads.

Esempio bruciatore in camera di combustione

The insertion of the burner into the combustion chamber is intuitive and simple through a flange positioned directly on the burner.

Es. Viste del bruciatore su camera di combustione

The combustion chamber is supplied separately from the burner. Our technicians, even in case of only burner sale, provide a drawing of the combustion chamber with the general dimensioning, in order to allow a proper operation of the burner.