Bruciatori Santin – WHAT’S NEW –

MXS Series:

Bruciatori Industriali Santin’s MXS series is the world most flexible and reliable industrial burner. MXS burners provide an extraordinary performance in furnaces, ovens and dryers, paint finishing lines, textile and paper machines, coffee roasters, food ovens incinerators and grain dryers.

Three sizes up to 2.000.000 Kcal/h. This series is available with cast iron or aluminium burner house.

RT Burners:

The new RT series is the most versatile and adaptable series ever seen. RT is designed to fire radiant and immersion tubes. RT will be available up to 400 KW and it will be possible to choose cast iron or aluminium version.

N-BFN Series:

Cast-iron or aluminium burner house, medium and high velocity burners: N-BFN is anew series designed for industrial furnaces in iron and steel industries, in the fusion and treatment of precious metals, non ferrous metals, light alloys and all industrial alloys. They are also suitable for warm air generators and drying plants, in ceramic, glass and clay manufacturing, paint industries, industrial ladles, for post-combustoion thermic plants, in plastic industries and paper manufactory.