New Burners Series N-BFN

Bruciatori Industriali Santin is pleased to announce the new N-BFN series.


Up to 500 Kw N-BFN is ideal for industrial furnaces in iron and steel industries, in the fusion and treatment of precious metals, non ferrous metals, light alloys and all industrial alloys. They are also suitable for warm air generators and drying plants, in ceramic, glass and clay manufacturing, paint industries, industrial ladles, for post-combustion thermic plants, in plastic industries and paper manufactory.

What is the difference between this new serie and the old one?

1. New burner house, available in cast iron or aluminium;
2. Different sizes and capacities;
3. All models are available for use with preheated combustion air;
4. Thanks to integrated gas and air orifices, N-BFN series are able to generate a reliable performance with the lowest emissions of any competitive model.

Now available up to 210KW, N-BFN140 and 170 are coming soon.