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How we develop our products We take care of our products from the beginning. We study and design them approaching perfection but we ship our burners only after a real test in our workshop. Our standard solutions are always customisable to satisfy any process and application need.

La Santin Srl offre dei pacchetti “Service” per le anomalie e la manutenzione ordinaria dei bruciatori. I sistemi di combustione industriale maggiori di 24 kW devono essere collaudati e mantenuti da personale qualificato. La revisione annuale dei bruciatori, come descritto nei nostri manuali di uso e manutenzione, è obbligatoria in accordo la normativa UNI EN746-2:2010.  […]

These hot air generators developed for our customer is a bespoke solution that includes duct burner with process blower placed on mobile carriage. This solution was developed to heating up foundry brackets up to 150°C. The wheels allow to move the machine close to the bracket and start the process wherever you need. The panel, […]

Bruciatori Santin developed a combustion system for a cast iron foundry. The burners are installed in a bogie heart furnace 9000x4500x3000 mm, working out 50 ton. The burners installed are N-BFN102 HV, high velocity burners able to generate 180 kW/h each, total capacity 2.880 kW Santin Burners also provided gas trains, compliance to EN746-2, for […]

Bruciatori Industriali Santin is closed for summer break from 31st July to 23rd August. For urgent matters send an email to:   

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