CB Burner

Monoblocco up to 93 KW

The CB burner is used for small afterburners, incinerators, air generators, small furnaces and boilers in general.
It is supplied with single or two stage flame versions. On request it can be equipped with a thermoregulator pr PLC to control the temperature.

An electronic device controls all the different steps for the automatic operation, for preventilation, ignition, and detection that can be executed by electrode or photocell. This device can be installed on the switchboard or directly on the burner itself.


Models and versions

General Data

Model Kcal/h LPG consumptions kg/h Methane consumptions m3/h
CB50/M (One-stage) 50.000 (58 KW) 4,16 5,88
CB50/B (Two-stages) 50.000 (58 KW) 4,16 5,88
CB80/M (One-stage) 80.000 (93 KW) 6,66 9,41
CB80/B (Two-stages) 80.000 (93 KW) 6,66 9,41


The CB Burner is normally used for the following applications:

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